i'm just a kid, and life is a nightmare.


1). I'm sick. Boo hoo.
2). I spent way too much money on an Xbox 360 & games last weekend. My GPA is gonna plummet. (Oops.)
3). I hate statistics. SO. FUCKING. MUCH. Someone help meeee.
4). I just ate my body weight in Tim Bits. (If you are unfortunate enough to not know what I'm talking about, I sincerely apologize, because they are the TASTIEST FUCKING THINGS EVER.)
4). theBERRY is so addictive
5). So is  P i n t e r e s t . 

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Reading Week has been great so far, but it's rapidly coming to an end, and I haven't gotten half the shit done I need to for uni. Woe is me. 


Time to annoy my bf with pleas for cuddles & consolation over my wasted break...

- xx


when you're dancin' through your wardrobe, do the anorex-a-gogo

It was a fucking warm day here in good ol' Canada. And, apparently, the people behind the 
Aritzia email updates have an in with the weather forecasters, because this gem arrived in my inbox today...



Time to make some additions to my closet. Not really feelin' the  n e o n  revival they're gushing 
about on their site, though. I love me some neutrals.


Went laser-tagging for the first time today with my bf, his friend, and his friend's little brother. Turns out
 I'm not half-bad (ie. I kicked by bf's ass).

Reading Week starts on Saturday. Peacing out of the city tomorrow afternoon to go see both sets of fam 
jams. I cannot fucking wait to not have to study every second of my life. I will legit absorb nothing 
tomorrow in class because my eyes will be glued to the clock.

...Why am I going again?
Fuck it.



my eyes feel like they're gonna bleed, dried up and bulging out my skull


Oh, right. My weekend. Yeah, that was alright. Did shit-all and lazed about, which means that today = cramallthiscrapintomybrainformymidtermsaaahhh.


(1) panda tank. (2) apple jacks. (3) the weekenders. (4) mickey mouse blanket.

...Yeah, I'd say it was pretty chill.



Gun hip, swollen lip, bottle sip; yeah, I suck dick

Upset stomach + self-pity = excessive amounts of aimless internet searching.
However, sometimes excessive amounts of aimless internet searching + google = inspiring discoveries.

Now I have the conviction to fry, chop off, and generally massacre my hair. 
Done deal.



You're the night, the dirty night that keeps us going

I am entranced by trash-glam. The muted color, vibrant personality, and IDGAF-'tude. Sometimes I wish I lived on skid row.

And that I could skateboard. That would be badass.

Maybe this is all because I care too much what other people think. I wish I was anonymous.
Even in this big city, it's hard to become a number, a passerby, a stranger.
I wish I knew who I will become someday. I'm sick of searching.


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my bed is a pool and the walls are on fire

New beginnings. Time for change. 

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I'm sick and tired of reading the same old bullshit and listening to the inanity of supposedly "intelligent and cultured" people around me. 

Maybe this well help. Hopefully this will help.

I don't promise any great revelations, insightful wisdom, or even anything that will interest you. This is more for me than anything. A place to voice my opinions, use hardened sarcasm, be funny, witty, insulting, and, at turns, kind, interesting, and stereotypical. I don't know what this will be, or how this will evolve. I don't claim to have direction; I am running through expanses of mindlessness, grasping at wisps of sound thought and what others think I should think. ...I think.

I am unique, proud, and confident; I am a shy young adult with insecurities. I am everything you are and I am nothing.

I am nothing more than the words on this page.