from deep within my teeth, a sawed off challenge.

I consistently fail keeping up with every project I ever begin. (Including this one.) I am such a terrible blogger. Ugh. -_-'

THE ( + ) : 1 day until freedom from uni! ...Well, for the summer. I'm taking a spring French course to fulfill my degree requirements, and it's boring as hell. (At least I'm kicking it's butt.) I owned 4/5 of my winter semester courses and scored a pretty sweet GPA (despite only getting a C+ in the hardest fucking course ever, a.k.a. Biopsychology (DO NOT EVER TAKE IT, EVER)). I also got a job at a cupcakerie (is that even a word? Is it now), so I'll be spending my days serving customers, chillin' with amazing coworkers, and getting fat from the delish buttercream icing that every single cupcake is slathered in. <3 #TRUELOVE Oh, and I got tattoos. NO BIG DEAL. (Jks. See pics below. It's a big deal.)

THE ( - ) : You mean I can't just have money handed to me?! What even. Well. At least I'm working somewhere that won't make me want to blow my brains out (coughlastsummercough). Also, it's been pissing down for days here. NO THANK YOU. I just bought exactly 238942 pairs of shorts and tanks and sandals. 

p.s. I've been Instagramming my life. Wanna see?

1. rings & things. 2. biopsychology. 3. cuddle buddies. 4. killer sam edelman heels. 5. the pimp of all earthworms. 6. blasting in the car. 7. light summer reading. 8. need that outfit. 9. i will get fat at work, i swear.

Voila! My tattoos:

(The Instagram filter made my toes look super grody. I swear, I shower.)

A work in progress, just like me. Gotta get the quote tattooed in the insides of my feet still. - "I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship." Should be done by the end of summer. Stoookkkeeed. I'll take another pic once they're totally healed (this was right after they were done).